NewHoRRIzon project

Towards new hoRRIzons

A year ago, EuroScience along with other project members, proudly launched the RRI Toolkit, which helps a wide range of stakeholders find resources, guidance and partners to implement Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). This toolbox is still active with new resources added and new people involved every day, have a look at it if you did not already. The RRI Tools project is now terminated, but this is not the case of EuroScience involvement with RRI, which we think is key for the future or research and innovation in Europe and in the world!

Now that we can find resources and a community, we need to change the R&I system! Therefore, EuroScience engaged in a new 4-year project called NewHoRRIzon. Its goal is to integrate RRI in the innovation and research systems on national and international levels. In order to do that, we created 18 Social Labs. These groups will use a cutting-edge methodology to co-create tailor-made pilot actions that wills stimulate an increased use and acceptance of RRI across Horizon 2020 and each of its parts. NewHoRRIzon will also develop the concept of Society Readiness Level, which will help aligning innovation processes and products with societal values.

EuroScience is involved in the project communication and dissemination activities, in order to to help mainstream RRI. Thus, we will work on developing the RRI community and influencing European and member states policy makers. We will also lobby for a ninth Framework Programme that integrates Responsible Research and Innovation in its core.

Of course we will keep you informed of the project’s achievements. Meanwhile, have a look at the website and subscribe to the mailing list if you want to be invited in our upcoming events, or you wish to take part in a Social Lab or/and to get updates on the project.