1st EuroScience Policy Forum discusses the future of academia

EuroScience, the European Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology, and its partners, the Stockholm Trio University Alliance, the University of Vienna, the Vienna Science and Technology Fund and The Wellcome Trust, launch the 1st EuroScience Policy Forum :  a new series of biennial events dedicated to the latest developments in European and global science policy.  

The first edition of the EuroScience Policy Forum, organised as a fully virtual event on 29 and 30 June 2021, will discuss the changes in societal expectations regarding academic institutions and identify potential new pathways to a more sustainable academia in the future.

Academic institutions today are confronted with numerous wide-ranging challenges and increased societal expectations : ensuring a steady flow of new knowledge and breakthrough innovation, providing high-quality up-to-date education to all students, attracting motivated creative talents from all over the world to renew and develop teaching and research excellence, and contributing to socio-cultural well-being. To be sustainable, academia must adapt to changing societal demands, but without losing its heart and soul.

This year’s EuroScience Policy Forum will provide an opportunity to reflect on what organizational frameworks are required to strike an appropriate balance between short-term responses to urgent societal needs and long-term academic visions and goals. Four international panels will discuss the question of autonomy in academia, if a change in research culture is necessary, the future of academic quality assessment through peer review and the role of academia in reaching the United Nations sustainable development goals.

In addition to the four interactive international panels, additional sessions will address other topics of major importance, but in a more local context.

The international part of the event is in English.

Participation is free, but registration is required.