General Assembly

EuroScience currently represents over 2 600 members from 40 European countries.

The General Assembly is the sovereign body of the association: it consists of all members with the right to vote. It approves the association’s accounts and sets strategic guidelines for the two following years. Honorary members serve in an advisory capacity.

The last General Assembly took place at ESOF2018 in Toulouse, France. The next General Assembly will be held during ESOF2020 in Trieste, Italy.

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Governing Board

The Governing Board supervises the association and has extended administrative authority and decision making powers. Every EuroScience member has the possibility to become a candidate for the Board election on the condition that he/she meets the following requirements:

  • Be an eligible EuroScience member
  • Member fees have been paid
  • Provide a Curriculum Vitae (2 pages max.)
  • Demonstrate commitment, time availability and vision on European science in a motivation letter (1 page max.)

The Executive Committee of the Governing Board comprises the President, the 2 Vice-Presidents, the Secretary General and the Treasurer.

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Governing Board Members

Below you will find the current Governing Board Members. The former ones are listed on this page.

Prof. Michael Matlosz


Professor of chemical engineering, University of Lorraine

Chemical Engineering – France

Matthias Girod

Secretary General

Chemistry – France

Dr. Stephane Berghmans

Director for Research & Innovation at European University Association

Biomedical Sciences – Belgium

Dr. Brian Cahill

Responsible for the Researcher Mental Health COST Action at Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology

Engineering, Life Sciences, Innovation – United Kingdom

Prof. Anne Cambon-Thomsen

CNRS emeritus research director, Inserm & Univ Toulouse III Paul Sabatier, former ESOF 2018 champion

Biomedicine, immunogenetics, public health, research ethics – France

Prof. Gail Cardew

Vice -President

Director of Science and Education at The Royal Institution, United Kingdom

General Science and Communication – United Kingdom

Dr. Teresa Fernandez Zafra

Product Manager at Gradientech AB

Biomedical Sciences, Science Communication – Sweden

Dr. Christine Heller del Riego

Director of Science Stories

Science Communication – Denmark

Prof. Lorna Hughes

Vice – President

Professor in Digital Humanities University of Glasgow

Digital Humanities, Digital Cultural Heritage – United Kingdom

Prof. emeritus Svend Erik Larsen

Yangtze River Professor at Sichuan University
Comparative Literature – Aarhus University

Language and communication, Art, Culture and Media – Denmark

Prof. Marja Makarow

Director at Biocenter Finland

Life Science – Finland

Dr. Camilla Modéer

Senior Advisor at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences

Science in Society & Chemical Engineering – Sweden

Prof. Carl Johan Sundberg


Professor at Karolinska Institutet

Human Physiology, Medicine, Bioentrepreneurship – Sweden

ESOF Committee Members

Marja Makarow

Chair of the ESOF committee

Director of Biocenter Finland

Jiří Drahoš

Member of the Senate of the Parliament Czech Republic

Gail Cardew

EuroScience Vice-President

Grazia Vittadini

Chief Technology Officer at Airbus

Prof. Michael Matlosz

EuroScience President
Professor of chemical engineering at the University of Lorraine

Rolf Tarrach

European University Association, Belgium

Prof. Emeritus Svend Erik Larsen

Comparative Literature at Aarhus University

Prof. Stefano Fantoni

ESOF2020 Champion

Dr. Christine Heller del Riego

Director of Science Stories, Denmark

Ingrid Wünning Tschol

Senior Vice-President for Health and Science
Robert Bosch Stiftung Foundation, Germany

Dr. Marc Schiltz

President of Science Europe
CEO of FNR Luxembourg

Prof. Lorna Hughes

Vice-President EuroScience
Professor in Digital Humanities at the University of Glasgow

EuroScience Objectives

  • To be the representative body of the wider EuroScience organisation in the region or country where the Local Section is set up.
  • To provide opportunities and activities for all individuals interested in science and directly engage them by initiating vital scientific discussions of common interest and promoting the aims of EuroScience.
  • To raise awareness of research and science related issues where the Local Section is set up, for ex: helping to improve scientific education.
  • To directly support EuroScience’s activities through fundraising.
  • To work with and support EuroScience to achieve the organisation’s mission, goals and projects.

How to join EuroScience

If you would like to join a EuroScience local section, please contact them directly, using the directory.

How to create a Local Section

Contact the EuroScience office to learn more!

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EuroScience: Georgia

Contact: Prof. G. Chakhunashvili

+33 3 88 24 11 50

EuroScience: Grenoble

Contact: Michel Belakhovsky

+33 3 88 24 11 50

EuroScience: Russia

Contact: Nelly Didenko

+33 3 88 24 11 50



Workgroups are very important for EuroScience, as they bring members together to contribute to ongoing projects on issues of interest, thus helping the association achieve its objectives.

How to join

Anyone interested in participating or moderating a Workgroup may contact its correspondent, using the directory.

How to create

Download the Workgroups Guidelines and learn more about it!

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Ethics in science

Contact: EuroScience office

+33 3 88 24 11 50
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Higher education

Contact: EuroScience office

+33 3 88 24 11 50
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Science and urgent problems of society

Contact: EuroScience office

+33 3 88 24 11 50
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Science communication

Contact: EuroScience office

+33 3 88 24 11 50
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Science policy

Contact: Teresa Fernandez & Brian Cahill

+33 3 88 24 11 50
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Scientific publishing – Open access

Contact: EuroScience office

+33 3 88 24 11 50
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Society in science

Contact: EuroScience office

+33 3 88 24 11 50
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Young researchers

Contact: EuroScience office

+33 3 88 24 11 50
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The EuroScience office

Matthias Girod

Secretary General

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Dr. Raymond Seltz

Deputy Secretary General

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Marie Suchanova

Operations Manager

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Julie Morestin

Marketing and Events Manager

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