Scientific Publishing – Open Access WorkGroup

Scientific publishing - Open access

Contact: EuroScience office

+33 3 88 24 11 50


General objectives

To bring members together to contribute to ongoing projects on issues of interest

To be the representative bodies of the wider EuroScience community concerning a special theme

To produce statements, position papers etc. with the support of the Governing Board

To address vital scientific discussions within a particular theme

To raise awareness of research and science related issues within a certain theme

To work with and support EuroScience in order to achieve the organisation’s mission and goals

Long-term objectives

help in finding answers to some of the numerous questions raised by the evolution of scientific communication by internet and which are confronted by scientists

To achieve Open Access to research output from all European universities via self-archiving.


Planned activities

There are no items available at the moment.

Past activities

Since its creation in 2005 the group’s activity has focused on the development of Open Access to Scientific Communication (OA) not only in Europe but also worldwide, as scientific communication is international. The groups was represented at the European Commission level , proposing an alternative policy for OA, during the inquiry launched after its Study on economic and technical evolution of the scientific publication market was published (2006) and participating in the EC conference organized in Brussels in February 2007. It organized a workshop on Open Access at ESOF 2006. Since 2008, its supports the association “European Network for Copyright in support of Education and Science “(ENCES) and participates in some of its events.

On-line survey on scientific information in the digital age

The European Commission have set up a questionnaire regarding their future Open Access policy, and it has been suggested that the EuroScience Working Group on Science Publishing drafts a response to it as an organisation.


There are no items available at the moment.