The EuroScience General Assembly was held on Saturday July 14, 2012 10:45am – 12:45pm, in Liffey Hall 2 at the EuroScience Open Forum in Dublin, Ireland.


Browse through the photos of the ESOF 2012 closing ceremony. ESOF 2012 was hosted in Dublin from 11 to 15 July.


Browse through the photos of the EuroScience stand at ESOF 2012 in Dublin. You can meet the EuroScience team at every ESOF and get information on the association activities and the various ways to participate.


Browse through the photos of the EuroScience General Assembly at ESOF 2012. EuroScience hosts its General Assembly every other year at ESOF.


Browse through the photos of the EYRA, Rammal and Science Journalists Awards Ceremony organized by EuroScience at ESOF 2012 Dublin (11-15 July 2012).


Browse through the photos of the Opening Ceremony at ESOF 2012, which was held in the Convention Center of Dublin from 11 to 15 July.


EuroScience was present in many ways at ESOF 2012. EuroScience had a stand in the exhibition hall where everyone could meet the EuroScience team and also organised various sessions and welcoming receptions.


“Debate on Scientific Publishing and Open Access” and “Opportunities and challenges for the next generation of European scholars” are the regular sessions in the career programme held at ESOF 2012.


“Time to simplify the representation of European research”, “Boosting Frontier Research in Europe” and “South Eastern Europe Facing the Knowledge Society” are the top down sessions held at ESOF 2012.


22 highly qualified candidates applied for the Governing Board Elections 2012 and the results were announced on 14 July at the EuroScience General Assembly held in Dublin during ESOF 2012.