The European Science Writers Award rewards editors and writers for their achievements for the promotion of science journalism in Europe since 2001.


Three winners were awarded the European Science Writers Award 2014. The Senior and Junior Science Writers Awards were handed over during ESOF 2014 in Copenhagen.


Browse through the photos of the European Science Writers and Rammal Awards at ESOF 2014. EuroScience recognizes scientific excellence through European Young Researcher Award (EYRA), European Science Writers Award, and Rammal Award at every ESOF edition.


The 2012 European Science Writers Award recognizing the promotion of science journalism in Europe was granted to Tiit Kändler, Karine Nazaretyan and Robert Gast.


Giovanni Caprara and Alessia Maccaferri are the laureates of the 2010 European Science Writers Award. The Award was presented during ESOF 2010 in Turin.


The winners of the EuroScience Media Awards 2010 were Beagle – In het kielzog van Darwin/On the future of Species, VPRO, Nederland and ITER Office of Communication, France.


The European Science Writers Awards 2009 were presented in the autumn of 2009 in Hannover, jointly with the EuroScience Media Award.


From 2001 to 2008, European Science Writers Awards were decernated to José María Valderas, Rabea Rentschler, Alok Jha, Christina Berndt, Miklos Hargitai, Bas Kast, Arne Ruth, Andreas Feiertag, Gero von Randow, Ulrika Björksten, and Philipp Campbell.