EuroScience proudly announces its new Executive Committee whose members were appointed by the Governing Board during its meeting on November 24 and 25 in Stockholm at the Karolinska Institutet.


It is a great pleasure for me and the other members o the EuroScience Office in Strasbourg to congratulate our new President, prof. Michael Matlosz, and all the eleven other members of the new Governing Board with their election.


EuroScience full members had until May 10, 12pm CEST the right to elect up to 12 members of the new Governing Board of EuroScience, including a new President.


Every four years, Euroscience full members elect the representatives of the Governing Board. Until March 1, EuroScience full members had the possibility to become a candidate for the Board election on the condition that they meet the EuroScience requirements. The call for nominations is now closed. The online vote to elect the new Governing Board will open in April.


Following the Governing Board Elections held in 2014, seventeen members were elected to serve on the Governing Board for a period of four years.


22 highly qualified candidates applied for the Governing Board Elections 2012 and the results were announced on 14 July at the EuroScience General Assembly held in Dublin during ESOF 2012.