The Rammal Award 2009 was granted to Professor Ayse Erzan and the Foundation René Touraine. Professor Erzan is a leading specialist in complex and critical systems. The René Foundation works to screen for and cure genetic skin diseases in Mediterranean countries.


The Rammal Award laureates from 2000 to 2008 were Prof. Moulay BRAHIM SEDRA (2008), Prof. Daniel Amit (2007), Prof. Chergui and Prof. Gérard Lefranc (2006), Prof. El Hassan Saidi (2005)…


The Rammal Award laureates from 1993 to 1997 were: Miguel Virasoro (1993), Celal Sengor (1994), Habib Bouchriha and Faouzia Charfi (1995), Manuel Velarde (1996), Lotfia El Nadi (1997).