At ESOF 2016 EuroScience will host a panel discussion to explore RI through three concrete questions which have arisen recently and that may have a direct impact on scientists and their research. The session will be held on Tuesday 26 July 2016 from 11.25 – 12.40 in the EuroScience Room.


At ESOF 2016, the EuroScience Science Policy Working Group will host a panel discussion on improving public research funding mechanisms for scientist. The session will be held in the EuroScience Room on Wednesday July 27 from 14.15 – 15.30.


Here is an overview of the Higher Education Working Group activities in 2010-2012. The Working Group will stay in touch with all official information on the Bologna Process.


The lines of activities pursued by the Young Researchers workgroup include: liaising with the EU institutions and other organisations, exploring the situation of the researchers’ careers across Europe, organizing public events…


The Bologna Process is a coordinated set of activities in the field of higher education policy aimed at realizing a fully operational European Higher Education Area by 2010. EuroScience is a “partner” member of the Bologna Process since 2008.