Science Policy Working Group

The working group on science policy was set up straight from the start of EuroScience. Its main goal is to influence policy makers in shaping the future of science, technology and innovation in Europe. The working group actively collaborates with a network of experts and other associations to increase the impact of its actions.

Some of the science policy areas we cover include: science advocacy and communication, innovation and entrepreneurship, research evaluation, research integrity and academic freedom, gender and social inequalities in science, open research and the sustainability of research careers.

The group’s activities can be very diverse, from discussions and debates between members on particular topics to the production of reports, or the organisation of workshops and conference sessions.

If you want to join EuroScience’s Science Policy Working Group or get more information about our ongoing activities, contact us at: office[at]

Past achievements

From its inception in 1997, EuroScience has been active in shaping policies for science, technology and innovation (STI), from the discussions leading to the European Charter and Code for Researchers, establishing the ERC, or the shaping of Horizon 2020 and its budget in the EU Financial Framework 2014-2020. EuroScience also plays a key role in RRI Tools, a major project on Responsible Research and Innovation.


Teresa Fernandez (SE)
Brian Cahill (DE)

Group Members

Science Advocacy & Communication Subgroup:

  • Ivana Kurecic (DE)
  • Chloe Hill (DE)
  • Ibon Santiago (DE)
  • Karen Jacqueline Cloete (ZA)
  • Nelly Didenko (RU)
  • Antonino Puglisi (IT)
  • Loïc Piret (BE)

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Subgroup:

  • Fabrizio Conicella (IT)
  • Miklós Györffi (HU)
  • Renato Toffanin (IT)
  • Nandakumar Krishnaswamy (IN)
  • John Murray (US)
  • Olayinka Osuolale (NG)
  • Eoin Galligan (DK)
  • Luis Texeira (PT)
  • Violeta Greciuhin (RO)
  • Erkan Erdil (TR)